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Money Chakra Secrets eBook & Audiobook

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Money Chakra Secrets is a simple yet highly impactful guide that will teach you chakra balancing techniques so you'll be able to heal your chakras into perfect alignment and attract wealth and abundance into your life. Get started in less than an hour.

You'll get the guide as an eBook (PDF) and an audiobook (MP3).

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Enjoyed learning some new and different ways of connecting (and healing and changing) with each of the chakras – regarding money (prosperity, abundance and wealth) issues, concerns and challenges ! Thank you for some new insights and perspectives …


Money Chakra Secrets is a simple yet highly impactful guide that will teach you chakra balancing techniques so you’ll be able to heal your chakras into perfect alignment and attract wealth and abundance into your life.

When you follow the techniques and rituals distilled inside for as little as 20 minutes a day, you will prime yourself for not just financial wealth, but also all the good things in your life.

Be it happiness, optimal health, beautiful loving relationships…

You will attract them like magnets into your life.

This can be mind-boggling to you….

But some of the biggest name today like Tony Robbins, Jack Ma, Richard Branson are practicing some form of chakra healing rituals and techniques to attract wealth and abundance into their life.

With Money Chakra Secrets, you will not only learn how to tune your money chakra to perfect alignment…

but all 7 of them so you can truly manifest a life of total financial abundance and happiness.

What You Will Discover Inside

  • The truth and inner workings of your 7 chakras, and how they are keeping you from achieving your deepest desire or financial goals
  • Learn how each chakra corresponds to your money making decision which either causes you to remain poor or attract more money into your life 
  • A list of powerful no-cost and unique techniques to heal every single one of your chakras in as little as 20 minutes a day 
  • Learn how to "feel" chakra imbalance, blockage or hyperactivity and how to get them back to balanced state 
  • Understand what is causing chakra leakage and how to heal them
  • Which chakra to unblock for healthy sex, creativity, and passion
  • Learn exactly how chakras can heal you in body, mind, and spirit
  • Learn several ancient techniques to strengthens your solar plexus chakra so you enjoy unbeatable willpower
  • The amazingly simple steps you can do right now to heal a broken heart. Healing this chakra can free you from dependence upon others, and create personal independence
  • Healing this particular chakra will enable you to command authority and control in your work, and attract more financial abundance into your life
  • Discover the perfect food to consume to balance each of your chakras 
  • How to activate your Third Eye Chakra for spiritual awakening to achieve highly sensitive intuition that will attract money making opportunity into your life 
  • The all-time most powerful technique to get all your chakras in perfect balance and alignment
  • The ability to heal and energize yourself in mind, body, and spirit, anywhere and anytime, regardless of your unique personal situation or surroundings
  • ...and so much more.

Can Anyone Do This?

Yes, regardless of the condition of your chakra, or your age, or your religious belief, the balancing practice of chakra can be learned by anyone.

The only criteria is to have an open mind and willingness to try.

Like I said, taking care of your chakra is like taking care of your house.

By practicing these chakra balancing techniques, you are literally sweeping and organizing your house, making it more welcoming and inviting to any guest you bring over.

No longer will you attract negative people or situation into your life…

Or sickness…

Or financial scarcity…

In fact, you attract goodness and positivity for as long as you maintain a perfectly aligned chakras.

Regardless of the countless negative situations or people you face on a daily basis, they will no longer have influence over your life.

That’s the power of a perfectly aligned chakra.

And your journey to unlocking the full potential of your chakras, and to a life of wealth and limitless abundance starts here, with Money Chakra Secrets.

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