Thank you so very much. Your meditation music are some of, if not, the finest I have listen to. I could not be more pleased.


Secret Chakra Healing Music

Chakra Code Secrets

Secret Chakra Healing Music

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This music bundle contains programming that will dissolve and remove any negativity and all blocks from your 7 chakras - individually. It heals and, at the same time, will stimulate, strengthen, and help your chakras to grow.

7 Chakra Healing Songs and 2 Bonus Tracks for Wealth and Abundance. Total length over 160 min.

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What You Will Discover Inside

  • Being in a constant state of oneness and connection to all
  • Experience a deep connection to your higher self
  • Feeling of completeness and utter bliss
  • Discovery of divine mysteries
  • Becoming more in touch with your emotions
  • Enhancing your relationships and ability to connect with others
  • Feeling the outer and inner worlds
  • Increasing your passion in life
  • A greater flow of love and compassion will flow within and all throughout life
  • Overall more joyful state of being and enhanced self esteem
  • Any feelings of anxiety or depression will quickly cease to be
  • Attracting the things you want effortlessly
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of what people are saying between the lines
  • Easily connecting with others during conversation
  • Gaining more access to your dream state and see your dreams more clearly
  • Awakening and enhancing your creative abilities

What You Will Get

It’s actually a collection of beautiful music.


You can listen to the music on any of your devices, be it an iPhone, Android or any other phone or tablet or computer. The files are in standard MP3 and are DRM-free.

You’ll receive 7 music tracks to heal your chakras - one track for each chakra perfectly tuned to the chakra’s frequency. Each track is ~18min long and gives you plenty of time to healing.

Great music! Would definitely buy more songs. Highly recommended!



As a bonus, you’ll receive 2 additional tracks that help you to manifest abundance and wealth in your life.

Great meditation music!


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