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  • Learn At Your Own Pace
  • Certified Level I, II & Master (Certificates Included)
  • 48 Video Modules, Audio Course & 3 Coursebooks
  • Instant Access Home Study
  • ​Full Lifetime Access To All Content
  • Bonuses - Worth Over $100 - Only Today

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a safe and non-invasive energy therapy; used worldwide and works with any religion or faith.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique using the powerful live-giving energy flowing through all living beings. It helps us to connect with the universal energy to heal and strengthen ourselves and others.

When the energy becomes low, we'll easily get stressed, anxious, and sick. Reiki has the power to help you relieve emotional and physical stress, so your body and mind can heal and improve your well-being.

A Better Way to Learn

reiki home study course

Reiki is traditionally learned face to face with an instructor, however, it has two major problems.

It is time-consuming and expensive with some courses costing way over $1500! And that is only the cost of the course without any accommodation and flights.

We wanted to make Reiki accessible to everyone who can't attend an in-person course and created this self-learning course.

We truly believe that you will have a better understanding by using our easy-to-follow training and learning at your own pace than with a face to face course.

What Your Will Learn In this Course

  • Learn how Reiki works and the principles behind Reiki.
  • How to use Reiki for healing and how to apply it to yourself and others.
  • Complete full Reiki sessions on yourself and others.
  • How to perfom Distance Reiki using multiple methods.
  • Learn to Receive & Administer Attunements for all levels.
  • ​Become a certified Reiki Master and heal yourself and others.

The Reiki Master Course Outline

Complete, well-organized, and easy to follow instructions that are straight forward and perfectly designed to help you learn and understand.

The lessons are bite-sized and easy to follow. Perfect for learning at your pace, be it at home or on the go, making it a joy to learn Reiki.

Our instructor guides you using a presentation format while expanding on some of the explanations.

We believe it's the most effective way to learn Reiki. Learn, make progress, and repeat lessons at your own pace.


Reiki Level I - 17 Modules

  • An introduction to Reiki
  • What Reiki is
  • How Reiki works
  • The History of Reiki
  • The Principles of Reiki
  • Preparing for Reiki
  • How to treat yourself
  • How to treat others

Reiki Level II - 18 Modules

  • An introduction to 2nd degree Reiki
  • The 3 pillars of Reiki
  • New Possibilities with Reiki 2nd degree
  • The sacred symbols
  • Working with Reiki 2
  • Distant or absent Reiki healing
  • Extra hand positions of Reiki
  • Animal Reiki healing

Reiki Master Level - 13 Modules

  • An introduction to Master Reiki
  • Reiki and symbols
  • Reiki attunements
  • How to perform Reiki attunements for level 1, 2 & 3
  • Absent or distant Reiki attunements
  • Advanced Reiki techniques

48 Easy-To-Follow Videos

Short bite-sized video lessons that you can easily follow after a hard day at work.


Learn at Your Pace

It's a self-learning course and you decide your pace. Be as fast or slower as you like. The course follows your pace and you can access it at any time.


Lifetime Access

The course is yours to keep. Download it and access the course material at any time. Re-download at any time.

Manuals for All Levels Included

reiki home study manuals

We know that not everybody learns by video or audio; some prefer text. For that, we included in-depth manuals for each level (80+ pages each)

You can use the manuals along with the videos or standalone. They are great for referring back even later in your practice.

The books are well structured and come with clear diagrams to help understanding.

Audio Guides for All Levels Included

reiki home study audio lessons

You get the full audio only version of all 48 lessons.

Continue your learning and deepen your understanding while staying away from the screen.

Listen to the lessons while you go for a walk or do your chores.

Certificate of Completion

You'll receive a certificate at each level. It's included in the price and won't cost you a cent extra like with other courses.

  • Reiki Level 1 Certificate
  • Reiki Level 2 Certificate
  • Reiki Master Level Certificate

Once you complete the modules, you can request a certificate per eMail with proof that you took the course, and we will send it to you per eMail.

reiki master certificate

How About Attunements

Attunement is the energetic process that connects the student with the source of Reiki. The universal life force energy is within us all. And we can use it to healing ourselves and others. In the course, we teach you how to self attune through meditation to unlock this powerful energy.

Self Attunement helps you connect with your higher self and the universal energy that lies within yourself. It also allows you to take the attunement when you personally feel ready and have time to fully prepare.

Sadly, attunements are usually at the end of in-person courses when students are too drained from the theory to accept the given energy.

Master Usui, the founder of Reiki, was not attuned by anyone else. We share his exact method so you can attune yourself to Usui Reiki. Our students had incredible results by following this method.

reiki attunements

Bonus 1 - Over 2 Hours Of Reiki Music (Value $19.99)

reiki healing music

Let it go while listening to this soothing music.

Enter a sphere of peace, calming your mind, making you feel at home while allowing your body to relax and experience deeper healing.

Bonus 2 - Beginners Guide To Meditation eBook (Value $14.99)

meditation for beginners guides

The Gassho meditation is the first pillar of Reiki. You'll learn it in Level II of The Reiki Master Course, however, meditation is a skill. And like with any skill, it takes time to master.

This eBook will advance your progress and you'll learn proven methods to help your body relax and your mind to focus.

Bonus 3 - Natural Organic Healing Power eBook (Value $19.99)

Natural Organic Healing Power eBook

Food does not only fuel our life. It also can bring us health or diseases like blocking our energy and power to heal ourselves.

This eBook shows you why it is important to eat organic food and what you should eat or avoid to give your body the power to heal itself.

Healthy eating is the perfect companion to Reiki for increasing your energy and giving yourself the power to heal.

Bonus 4 - Secret Bonuses (Value $69.99)

reiki master course secret bonuses

You'll receive more awesome bonuses throughout the course that will advance your progress.

What Students Say

Allll of the info is perfectly formatted. The info is so engaging. And I really appreciate all the bonuses. Thank you!


I would recommend this course to anyone, even if you don't want to practice Reiki on anybody other than yourself....


The study materials are easy to learn and understand. I feel as confident as I would if I attended a in-person workshop. Thank you.


Finally, I can do it myself and don't have to rely on the help of a professional every time I go through an emotional hardship...


Lifetime Recovery Guarantee

The Reiki Master Course is offered as a download, and you can take it on any of your devices, be it a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

It's yours to keep, and you can always access it. But we also know that hard drives crash, the backup too, the dog eats the phone, the kid breaks the tablet and all other deadly issues that can happen to local devices.

No worries. We got you covered. You can re-download the course easily at any time you want with our Lifetime Recovery Guarantee.


30-Day Quibble-Free Money-Back Guarantee

It's not for you? That is totally fine and we do not want your money. we want happy customers. So, if you are not satisfied with the course and it do not help you, email us within 30 days of your purchase, and we give you a full refund. No questions asked

Total Home Study Course Package

  • Reiki Level I Video Course - 17 Modules
  • Reiki Level II Video Course - 18 Modules
  • Reiki Master Level Video Course - 13 Modules
  • Reiki Level I PDF Manual - 80+ Pages
  • Reiki Level II PDF Manual - 80+ Pages
  • Reiki Level III PDF Manual - 90+ Pages
  • Full Audio Course For Each Module
  • Full Certification for Level I, II and Master

PLUS over $100's Worth Of Bonuses:

  • Over 2 Hours Of Reiki Music
  • Beginners Guide To Meditation eBook
  • Natural Organic Healing Power eBook
  • Plus Secret Bonuses During the Course That Are Over $60 Worth - Only Today


TOTAL VALUE - $99.99

Today's Price - 35 USD

Become A Certified Reiki Master Today!

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