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The Crown Chakra Guide

The Crown Chakra Guide
Crown chakra (Sahasrara)
Top of your head
Awareness, intelligence, spiritual consciousness, enlightenment, universal connection
963 Hz
Aum (om)
Essential Oils:
Sandalwood, Frankincense, Lotus, Jasmine, Lavender
Crystals & Stones:
Amethyst, Selenite, Clear quartz, Lepidolite, White calcite

What is the Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is the 7th chakra and the highest frequency. It represents the infinite and is your connection to the original. It helps you restore yourself to your original state and connect with the universe in new ways.

This is the rarest chakra stage to be at in life, and represents the highest level someone on Earth can be at.

The crown chakra is important because it shows us that there is more to life.

This is not the end of someone’s spiritual development once this chakra is mastered, instead it represents enlightenment and this chakra gives you a way to share what you have learned from previous chakras with others. I think of the hero cycle and how after the hero’s quest, he might share his gift with the world.

It is the last chakra to master in the 7 chakra system and takes the least amount of time to master, about 2 months, due to the experience you have gained along the way in your life.

Crown chakra Quick Summary

Name: Crown chakra (Sahasrara)

Crown chakra Location: Top of your head

Crown chakra Meaning: Awareness, intelligence, spiritual consciousness, enlightenment, universal connection

Crown chakra Color: Violet

Crown chakra Frequency: 963 Hz

Crown chakra Mantra: Aum (om)

Crown chakra Essential Oils: Sandalwood, Frankincense, Lotus, Jasmine, Lavender

Crown chakra Crystals & Stones: Amethyst, Selenite, Clear quartz, Lepidolite, White calcite

Crown chakra Foods: Ginger tea, Garlic, Mushrooms, Lychee, Coconut

Crown chakra Herbs: Gotu kola, Lavender, Ginseng, Sage

Crown chakra Journal Prompts:

  • Reflect on your spiritual journey how have you grown?
  • How do you foster a connection with the universe or a higher power?
  • Describe a moment when you felt deep inner peace and connection.

Crown chakra Yoga Poses: Headstand ( sirsasana), Lotus pose ( padmasana), Corpse pose ( savasana), Extended puppy pose ( uttana shishosana), Half lotus pose ( ardha padmasana)

When Do You Use the Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is used when you are connecting to a higher intelligence, whatever that might mean to you, and are being at peace and using knowledge of enlightenment.

It is the highest frequency and it represents the culmination of spiritual development. It can give you a way to share your gift with others and teach them about yourself.

It is used when you are being your true self. Mostly, this chakra can not be put into words as some people say that enlightenment is not something you say.


What Is the Crown Chakra Associated With

The crown chakra is associated with the 1000 petaled lotus symbolically, and typically the color of the crown chakra is purple. It is typically associated with your connection to higher intelligence and revealing your true, orginal self.

It is also associated with a higher love and enlightenment for yourself and for the world. It represents the highest level one can achieve on Earth and is the highest frequency, due to its color. It has all of the other chakra’s aspects to draw knowledge from and also can learn from a higher intelligence.

The crown chakra is also associated with the pineal gland and understanding more than what the five senses can offer in terms of knowledge and power. It represents completion of a cycle and rebirth.

If you like the 12 chakra system or if you are just using the 7 chakra system, then it represents The End. This completion of a cycle is a time for change in your life and it can be a time when you achieve a higher vibration on Earth. This chakra will let you connect with things beyond your Earthly comprehension.

How to Balance the Crown Chakra

In my experiences, chakra is always balanced if you believe it to be so. Make sure to live your life in a normal, natural way and you will always find balance as that is the nature of life.

If balance is what you seek, balance is what you will get! You will get what you wanted! Make sure to think about what matters to you and make sure it is a good thing! What is right for me? Whatever works for you.

For higher chakras, you might want to strengthen them, and I find meditation is the best way to do this. You will know when it is right for you when it is time.

This is my favorite chakra to strengthen because its nature is infinite so you can always feel right about wanting to add more power to this chakra. Most people say this chakra can not be unbalanced.

Signs That Your Crown Chakra Is Unbalanced

If you are feeling like you have mental fog, depression, or fatigue, your crown chakra might be under active or unbalanced.


How Long Does It Take to Develop the Crown Chakra

The crown chakra takes the least time to develop as it is the highest frequency and takes much less time to develop than the other chakras.

However, this chakra has an infinite nature and there is always more to be learned. It takes about 2 or 3 months once you have mastered the other chakras to develop the crown chakra.

Crown Chakra Frequency

The recommended crown chakra frequency is 963 Hz.

Here is a video that is great for crown chakra meditation. It is crown chakra meditation music based on 963 Hz. Or download my Secret Chakra Healing Music.

Check out the Secrets of the 7 Chakra article for an overview on chakra and where this chakra fits in with the rest.

How To Heal the Crown Chakra

Healing the crown chakra is done mostly through meditation in my experience, though healthy habits are also a major contributing factor. This can make a big difference in your life, but if you are already at this level then you should know many different things that will help with your advancement here.

Below are some of the ways I have found that allow you to heal your crown chakra and balance your chakra system.

Crown Chakra Meditation

This is my favorite and probably most effective way of healing the crown chakra as it helps you the most.

What I recommend is listening to 963 Hz crown chakra meditation music on youtube and focusing on the crown chakra and the color purple on the crown chakra.

Also, check out my post of easy 7 chakra meditation. It helps balance your entire chakra system and makes it easy for you to finish the meditation and meditate for longer by doing it the way I have it on the page. You can also just use 963 Hz meditation music and focus on the crown chakra.

The 963 Hz meditation music below is made by Chakracodesecrets so let me know if you like it or it resonates with you, also make sure to like and subscribe!

Crown Chakra Stones and Crystals

Usually, the recommended stones or crystals for the crown chakra are as follows: Selenite, Clear Quartz, and Amethyst. There are others of course, but I recommend these ones in particular for balancing and healing the crown chakra. Clear Quartz is my favorite, followed by Amethyst. You can get clear quartz on amazon here.

The best way to use these is to have them near you or hold the crown chakra crystal or stones in your hand when meditating. Some people believe this helps them hold positive energy for you. Keep them near you or as decoration for the postive energy and balancing boost they can offer.

Crown Chakra Essential Oils

For a crown chakra essential oil, you have to look for something that is at a high frequency. Sandalwood, Lotus, and Rose are all recommended frequently.

What I would recommend for you is Lavender (amazon) , which is an essential that helps balance all 7 chakras. I recommend it because once you are at the level of the crown chakra, you will want to balance your entire 7 chakra system as well as help the crown chakra balance.



If you follow these tips, and keep up with positive action, you will find that the crown chakra can heal and will be balanced.

Avatar photo Cam is the editor in chief and an absolute chakra nut. Shes love chakra, mediation and everything that brings joy and balance into her life. Cam is on the way to become a Chakra and Reiki teacher.