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The Heart Chakra Guide

The Heart Chakra Guide
Heart chakra (Anahata)
Center of chest near heart
Love, compassion
639 Hz
Essential Oils:
Yang ylang, rose, jasmine, vetiver
Crystals & Stones:
Rose quartz, kunzite, malachite, jade, peridot

What is the Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the 4th chakra and is the beginning of one entering the next world for them (in a spiritual sense) and is one of awakening.

You use this chakra for loving in a new way and it allows you to see things in a new way. It can be seen as the stage of life where an adult begins to see new, more mature beginnings.

It is a higher frequency that can be obtained by loving to live and going beyond the solar plexus chakra. This is after the rest that occurs in the solar plexus chakra. It is where we begin to realize our true selves and where we begin to love more.

The heart chakra is one of my favorites because it is where you can begin to see help from a higher place appear in your life and begin to understand it. The heart chakra can also be thought of as new, more mature beginnings for an adult.

I personify this chakra with the word “mercy” as it is one that gives you the ability to love and forgive in new ways. This chakra is associated with the color green, spiritual growth, connectedness.

Mastering this chakra will allow you to forgive yourself and others and enable healing on a spiritual level.

Heart chakra Quick Summary

Name: Heart chakra (Anahata)

Heart chakra Location: Center of chest near heart

Heart chakra Meaning: Love, compassion

Heart chakra Color: Green

Heart chakra Frequency: 639 Hz

Heart chakra Mantra: Yam

Heart chakra Essential Oils: Yang ylang, rose, jasmine, vetiver

Heart chakra Crystals & Stones: Rose quartz, kunzite, malachite, jade, peridot

When Do You Use the Heart Chakra

You use the heart chakra whenever you are beginning to understand the world in new ways. Once you have developed yourself in physical ways with the lower chakras, it is time to develop yourself in spiritual ways with the higher chakras, such as the heart chakra.

You will find that everything you do is a part of chakra, having forgiveness for others and most importantly, yourself will use this chakra. When you love to live, you will begin to use this chakra and will begin to grow spiritually.

For some people, this will occur in your mid 20’s. Spiritual growth is meant to heal you from pains that have occurred during your life and allows you to move on from things that hurt you.


What Is the Heart Chakra Associated With

The heart chakra is associated with the color green and spiritual growth. I associate it with “Mercy” and think of healing.

This chakra is where you begin to heal your life. It is also associated with a higher world as it is after a change in chakra nature from physical to spiritual growth.

How to Balance the Heart Chakra

In my experiences, chakra is always balanced if you believe it to be so. Make sure to live your life in a normal, natural way and you will always find balance as that is the nature of life.

If balance is what you seek, balance is what you will get! You will get what you wanted! Make sure to think about what matters to you and make sure it is a good thing! What is right for me? Whatever works for you.

For higher chakras, you might want to strengthen them, and I find meditation is the best way to do this. You will know when it is right for you when it is time.

Signs that your Heart Chakra is Unbalanced

If you are feeling disconnected from others or bitterness, this chakra could be unbalanced and need healing.


How Long Does It Take to Develop the Heart Chakra

The heart chakra takes the longest to develop of the higher chakras as it is the fourth frequency. Each chakra after the root chakra takes successively less time to develop as they are higher and higher frequencies, hence the color.

You can expect this chakra to take around 4-5 years to develop, so if you think you are here, the best thing to do is simply think of your future and you will develop it inherently. It is important to be natural and true to yourself to develop your chakras and true self will be revealed.

Heart Chakra Frequency

639 Hz is the recommended heart chakra frequency for heart chakra meditation.

Below I have linked a video on heart chakra meditation music that will help you balance the heart chakra. Or download my Secret Chakra Healing Music.

Check out the Secrets of the 7 Chakra article for an overview on chakra and where this chakra fits in with the rest.

How To Heal the Heart Chakra

1. Meditation

Meditation becomes even more important for healing and balancing this chakra as it is associated with spiritual growth. Loving kindness meditation can be useful for this chakra, Heart chakra meditation music can be amazing for healing the heart chakra and you can find this type of meditation music on youtube. Focus on your heart chakra and imagine a green light where it is in your body.

2. Love and be loved.

Learn to love yourself and forgive yourself and others. Acceptance is an important tool you can use for healing the heart chakra. Self-love is important for healing the heart chakra.

3. Give more hugs.

This is a way to encourage yourself and others to love and accept more love.

4. Affirmations

Affirmations can also be useful, you can find these on youtube. They encourage self love and can be very empowering to your spiritual growth.

5. Eat healthy

Eating healthy foods is also something I will always recommend to help heal chakras.

6. Exercise

Exercise to encourage your physical well being which leads to more spiritual growth. Taking care of yourself and your body is important for any kind of healing, even chakra healing.

7. Get in touch with nature.

This is also something always recommended for spiritual growth as nature holds many good things.


If you follow these tips, you will find that your life obtains more balance and your heart chakra will become more balanced.

Avatar photo Cam is the editor in chief and an absolute chakra nut. Shes love chakra, mediation and everything that brings joy and balance into her life. Cam is on the way to become a Chakra and Reiki teacher.