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The Sacral Chakra Guide

The Sacral Chakra Guide
Sacral chakra (Svadhisthana)
Below belly button
Creativity, sexuality, pleasure
417 Hz
Essential Oils:
Clary sage, neroli, orange, sandalwood, bergamot, geranium
Crystals & Stones:
Jasper, carnelian, citrine, amber, tigers eye

What is the Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is the 2nd chakra and is a higher frequency than the root chakra. It is associated with hope to me.

It is also associated with creativity, emotions, and development. Most likely you have already gone through this stage of learning the things that are taught from this stage of life.

The sacral chakra is one that requires you to grow as a person. If you have made it here, congratulations!

You have lived!

To me it represents hope for the life that is coming, as it can be seen as a chakra to be gone through in late childhood to early teenage years. You start to be your own person and develop your own interests that are of your own design.

Creativity is something that is gained from this chakra. This is a chakra that is meant to be fully awake during it.

During meditation I make sure to not close my eyes when I go through this chakra and to look and see the world.

This chakra is one that you not yet aware of what is coming next, but you are awake. It is a higher frequency than the root chakra and allows access to more of one’s true self.

Sacral chakra Quick Summary

Name: Sacral chakra (Svadhisthana)

Sacral chakra Location: Below belly button

Sacral chakra Meaning: Creativity, sexuality, pleasure

Sacral chakra Color: Orange

Sacral chakra Frequency: 417 Hz

Sacral chakra Mantra: Vam

Sacral chakra Essential Oils: Clary sage, neroli, orange, sandalwood, bergamot, geranium

Sacral chakra Crystals & Stones: Jasper, carnelian, citrine, amber, tigers eye

When Do You Use the Sacral Chakra

You use the sacral chakra when you are developing yourself. Hope lets us grow faster and the sacral chakra can help us grow faster, which is why I think it represents hope. The late childhood and early teens are some of the most hopeful times in a person’s life and are also when you are growing most.

This chakra is there to aid you. Have hope in life and you are using this chakra! It is something you can do simply by enjoying your life, whether you are aware of it or not. Maybe you don’t know what is next yet but hope is there even if you don’t know it.


What Is the Sacral Chakra Associated With

The sacral chakra is associated with the color orange. I associate it with having hope for your new self that is forming. This is the chakra that accelerates your growth and begins to reveal our true selves. Hope is another thing it is associated with and is its main nature, along with growth and fun in our later childhood.

Signs That Your Sacral Chakra Is Unbalanced

If you are feeling unbalanced in your emotions or creativity, or have doubts/lack of hope for your future, you may have an imbalance with your sacral chakra.

You should have hope for your future if you have learned from this chakra or stage of life.

How Long Does It Take to Develop the Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra takes the longest to develop as it is the second lowest frequency. Each chakra after the root chakra takes successively less time to develop as they are higher and higher frequencies, hence the color.

Check out the Secrets of the 7 Chakra article for an overview on chakra and where this chakra fits in with the rest.

How To Heal The Sacral Chakra

In my experiences, chakra is always balanced if you believe it to be so. Make sure to live your life in a normal, natural way and you will always find balance as that is the nature of life.

Give your life time to change and balance will come. If balance is what you seek, balance is what you will get! You will get what you wanted! Make sure to think about what matters to you and make sure it is a good thing! What is right for me? Whatever works for you.

1. Meditation

Meditation is very important to balancing your chakras. You can do lots with meditation for your chakras as it allows you to free your mind in a way that lets you see where you are growing and where you are stagnant.

Frequency meditation music (Hz meditation) is very useful for balancing the sacral chakra. Another thing that helps is having something colored orange for your meditation to focus on, or you can visualize orange. This is the color of the sacral chakra.

2. Affirmations of Hope

Another thing that helps is positive affirmations to balance the sacral chakra. Whatever might ring you hope is something that you can say to help balance your sacral chakra.

Remember that you have gone through tough times before and that whatever you are going through that is making you unbalanced is going to pass as well.

You can overcome this! This too will pass! You are here!

3. Healthy Foods

Eating healthy is good for any chakra or stage of life and is one if the most important things you can do.

Orange colored foods or fruits are good for the sacral chakra. Make sure to drink plenty of water and not eat too much as overindulgence can be a sign of an unbalanced sacral chakra. Having a plan for your diet can be very beneficial for balancing this chakra.

4. Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Essential oils can be useful for balancing the sacral chakra. Some examples of ones that have been known to be associated with the sacral chakra are sandalwood, orange, and ylang-ylang essential oils.

5. Explore Your Creativity and Develop Yourself

Since the sacral chakra is associated with creativity, exploring your creativity and doing creative things is another way to balance this chakra. Creative writing, journaling, drawing, painting, singing, and anything creative will help bring this chakra into balance.

Listening to music that you enjoy is another way to help balance the sacral chakra. Make time for yourself to think about things that make you happy. Spend more time with yourself to grow yourself and become closer to your true self.

Find things that bring out your true self and interest you and you will find balance for your sacral chakra.

6. Find Balance in Your Relationships

Since this chakra is related to emotions, relationships are a major part of it. It can be helpful to work on your friendships and relationships by making sure they are healthy and that they are a benefit to you if you have an imbalance with your sacral chakra.

Be positive and invite people up to your level instead of trying to go down to theirs if you are having an issue with them. Love living and you will find that love will come from others as well as yourself.

7. Fitness and Connect With Nature

Make sure to stay healthy by utilizing fitness as a technique to develop yourself. This can also help you connect with nature if you like running or outdoor activities. It is always important for every chakra to stay healthy because that will help balance you overall and keep you harmonious.


Following these tips can help heal your sacral chakra. Staying healthy and making hope for yourself is one of the most important things.

Find a way to make your life better by developing yourself and you will find heal your sacral chakra.

Manage your emotions by doing things that make you happy and you will find that you will be healing your sacral chakra.

Avatar photo Cam is the editor in chief and an absolute chakra nut. Shes love chakra, mediation and everything that brings joy and balance into her life. Cam is on the way to become a Chakra and Reiki teacher.