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How to Manifest With Crystals

Manifestation in itself is pretty much powerful, but when you add crystals to the mix, it becomes that much stronger. I like to believe that manifesting with crystals can be described as drinking tea with lemon and honey when you have a cold. Herbal tea on its own will definitely help, but when you add two more components, it’ll make a vitamin bomb that will help you get well much sooner.

Nowadays, we have lots of crystals that can help us achieve our manifestations, and each of them has its own role. When talking about love, our main crystal is rose quartz.

How To Manifest With Rose Quartz

Have you ever noticed how rose quartz looks? The crystal on its own has this beautiful light pink color and almost immediately awakens calmness, and tranquility and, to be honest, looks pretty romantic. But how do you actually manifest love with rose quartz?

Well…the crystal can enhance what you’ve already been thinking about.

Imagine yourself in a situation where you’re at an event, and there’s a person you’ve been thinking about for a longer period of time. Wearing rose quartz on that occasion would definitely enhance your possibility of meeting or creating a relationship with that person.

It honestly doesn’t matter what shape or form you want your rose quartz to be. You can wear it as a type of jewelry or use it as fine décor in your home. Fun fact – when you wear your crystal in the form of a bracelet, and it breaks, it means that your crystal has completed its purpose. So, if you’ve just recently met someone and your rose quartz bracelet breaks, it means this was the person you were meant to meet. But how do you actually manifest with rose quartz?

When you wear it on your body, you’re actually manifesting on the go. What does this mean? Well…it’s basically transmitting your aura into your reality. The crystal raises your vibration to the point where your daily manifestations can come to life.

Since rose quartz is mostly used for attracting love into your life, the crystal will help you align encounters and situations, which will help you achieve your goal and eventually bring your manifestation to life.

When talking about using rose quartz solely as a raw stone at home, you can place it next to you while you’re writing down your manifestations or meditating. Just be mindful of the fact that your crystal needs to be cleaned and charged. You can cleanse rose quartz by bathing it in water, cleansing it with smoke, or soaking it in salt.

On the other hand, to charge it, you can place the crystal under a full moon, soak it in moon water (water that was left throughout the night under a full moon), or you can burn incense over them. Whichever works for you, just make sure your crystal is cleaned, fueled, and ready to go in order to achieve the best results.

Another way to manifest with rose quartz is to simply transmit your energy into the crystal and set your intention. From my own personal experience, this is the method that works the best. You have the opportunity to connect with the crystal, and when you place it in the palm of your hand, you can literally feel its energy.

Now, once it’s on your hand, slow down your body and feel the crystal. After you’ve connected with it, transmit your energy into it. All of your joy, happiness, and hope for your manifestation to come to life should be placed into that crystal you’re holding in your hand. Trust me, after you’ve shared your feelings with the crystal, you’ll feel it.

I’ve sat in my room, holding my crystal and imagining all of the things I’d like to have when it comes to love. And during it, I was filled with so much enthusiasm about my upcoming reality that, as I was holding the crystal, millions of little shivers went all over my body. That was the moment that I knew my intentions were sent into the crystal.

Afterward, I wrote everything I thought about on a piece of paper in the form of an affirmation, folded the paper, and placed the crystal on top of the paper. The feeling of being “done” was out of this world. I don’t know how to explain it, but I just knew deep in my soul that my intention was set and that my manifestation would come to life.

There was no doubt, no thinking about it - I just knew and forgot about it. I didn’t glance at it once in a while thinking, “Is it going to happen?” - it was simply there, existing, and it was done. Sure enough, after a while, my manifestation did become my reality, and my first thought wasn’t - “Huh, look, it actually happened.” it was just - “Yup, I knew it.”

Best Crystals For Manifesting Love

A lot of people know about rose quartz being the main crystal for attracting love, but don’t be so quick to dismiss other crystals with a similar purpose.

Thulite – this crystal will basically be the stepping stone in manifesting your dreams. If you’re introverted (like I am) and not really good at socializing, this crystal will enable you to be more open when meeting new people. I was kind of fooling myself and said my shyness was a mystery in disguise, but it turns out that introverted mystery shows up as a girl who’s awkwardly standing in some corner ha-ha.

Kunzite – if you’ve ever been heartbroken to the point where the phrase “cat-lady” actually started to look appealing, this crystal is for you. Its main property is to clear the emotional blockage and make you more open to new relationships. It promotes harmony within yourself and raises your vibration to the point where you’re resolved from any trauma and ready to make room for a potential partner.

Rhodonite – an awesome crystal when you’re deep in the dumps. You know the phrase “The sun will shine again”? Well… Rhodonite will help you get through the rain. This crystal helps you see the good in the bad and gives you the strength to carry on even though there might be some obstacles.

So, if you’ve been heartbroken or given up on love, Rhodonite will help you realize that sometimes things DO happen for a reason, and you can learn from every experience you have. That being said, whether good or bad, you can be thankful for everything that came your way because it made you who you are today. How will that make your manifestations possible, you may ask? You will be okay with the bad, and your vibration won’t be low anymore.

Best Crystals For Manifesting Money And Success

People say money doesn’t make you happy, and I believe that’s true because there are things of great value that you simply cannot buy. However, there’s nothing wrong with having a little extra ching-ching on your hands, right? 😊 There are times when I like to have some quality “me” time, and my “me” time costs money because let’s be honest, self-care is expensive. In order to help you have lots of “you” time, I’m going to give you a few tools which will help you attract money into your life.

Citrine – a lovely-looking yellowish crystal with amazing properties. Citrine is a crystal primarily for getting rid of negative vibes and attracting money, wealth, and success, so take your smaller piece, place it in your bag or wallet and watch the magic unfold.

Pyrite – another name you might’ve heard is “Fool’s Gold.” To be honest, this crystal is far from it. Already looking abundantly, this crystal will help you attract wealth and prosperity. You can use it in the same manner as a citrine by placing it in your purse or a wallet, OR you can place it on your work desk to attract more business opportunities.

How To Manifest Weight Loss With Crystals

Ah, the struggles I’ve had with weight loss. My metabolic system was so messed up that my doctor once said if I kept losing and gaining weight in such a short period of time, I’d get diabetes. Fortunately, I’ve managed to maintain my weight for the last two years, and believe it or not, I’ve done so with the help of my crystals.

Blue apatite - the name itself gives a hint on what the purpose of this crystal is. Blue apatite can actually make extremely healthy foods look extremely appetizing and reduce your overall hunger. Wear it as a necklace or as a bracelet, and you’ll see how it will change your perception of what’s good for your body.

Iolite – this crystal will help you lose weight by promoting the reduction of fatty deposits in your body while cleaning out your liver. You can look at it as a way of detoxing your body and preparing it for future healthy intakes. Use this crystal when you’re struggling with the release of bad habits, and you’ll see the results on your body in no time.

Hopefully, this article gave you an insight into how to use crystals in your everyday life and how they can be an amazing tool in achieving your manifestations. Remember, keep them clean and loaded before any manifestation, and after you’ve reached your desire, clean them again so they’d be ready for future ventures.

Avatar photo Cam is the editor in chief and an absolute chakra nut. Shes love chakra, mediation and everything that brings joy and balance into her life. Cam is on the way to become a Chakra and Reiki teacher.