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Manifesting Miracles Using Law of Attraction

How to manifest miracles using the Law of Attraction?

That’s a pretty great question. One I’ve spent a consecutive amount of time thinking about. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a few situations in life where I’ve just been so deep in the dumps that nothing less of a miracle would get me out of it. Fortunately, I knew how to turn it around.

Whenever I had hope, thought about the possible good outcome, and lived my life in a way as though I already had what I wanted – a miracle would happen, and I can say from my own experience, this applies to any sphere of your life. Whether your love life is a disaster, your health has declined, or your finances are non-existent, everything is salvageable.

I’ve had a pretty bad year, to say the least, and it took a toll on my mental health. In the past, whenever I was feeling depressed or gloomy after a certain misfortune would happen, it would last for a couple of weeks and somehow magically disappear, but it wasn’t the case this time. The trauma was worse than any I’d experienced before, and the feeling of sadness simply did not want to go away. My mental state was so bad that it actually transformed into physical pain, which was just proof of how our mind and body are connected.

Well…nothing I’ve tried seemed to help with the physical issues. I would be OK for a moment and then wake up with another body ache that I didn’t know the cause of or how to get rid of. But hey, at least yesterday’s ache went away, right? No.

So, as I was waking up every day with a new, unidentified pain, I thought to myself - “This is it. This will literally never go away, I’m screwed, and I’ll never be myself again”. As my mind was so focused on the negative, I was literally and unintentionally creating a bad cycle in my mind that was manifesting into my reality.

Why do you think a simple cold lasts for about 2-5 days? Because you’re used to it. You know what a cold is, you know what the symptoms of a cold are, and you know it will eventually go away. Therefore, you’re actually creating your reality by not focusing on the cold and leaving it to go away in the same matter as it came.

I did not allow my body aches to go away. You know how you can get an infection when you’re constantly picking that one annoying pimple? You scratch it a little bit, and it becomes a small wound, and then you scratch it a little bit more, and it becomes this bigger wound, and without you even noticing, it becomes infected, and you have to go to the doctor to check it out. I did the same thing with my physical well-being.

Since I went through the trauma that I mentioned before, I was constantly checking my body to see if anything was wrong with it. And sure enough, there was. Would you believe me if I said that I couldn’t sit up straight for more than 10 minutes because I had phantom pain in my leg, which was caused by my fear of my leg swelling up? The power of the mind, ladies and gentlemen.

Once I figured out what I was doing, I decided to switch up my thoughts and turn the bad into the good. If I was able to manifest literal pain simply by thinking about it, I could heal my body as well, right? I stopped researching my body, analyzing every breath, and thinking about what could go wrong.

I’ve simply started treating every pain I had like it’s temporary. “Oh, a sore throat? No biggie. Let’s chew on some medication, and it’ll go away in no time”. Alongside correcting my thoughts, I’ve started writing about how grateful I am for my perfect health in my gratitude journal. Journaling is an amazing way to manifest miracles because you’re writing in the present tense about the things you’re thankful for, even though you might not yet have them.

Another technique I’ve used, which helped me get rid of any negative vibrations that might interfere with my manifestation, was transmitting my bad thoughts into a bottle of water. This is such a simple technique, yet so effective when you need a quick rinse from negative energy.

Simply pour water into a clear bottle and make sure it’s a bottle you won’t use for drinking but solely for energy-clearing purposes. After you’ve filled your bottle with water, hold the bottle with both hands and feel the energy transmitting from your hands to the water you’re holding. Focus on where you feel your negative energy the most, and from there on, imagine it flowing through your hands into the water you’re holding.

You might feel the bottle becoming heavier and somewhat thicker if that makes sense. After you feel you’ve been cleansed – and you’ll get that lighter feeling, I can promise you that – simply pour the water down the drain and rinse the bottle from any possible residue.

“Too much,” “too high,” or “unreachable” does not exist when it comes to the Law of Attraction. Did you ever hear the phrase: “Be careful what you wish for”? Yup. Has it ever happened to you that you’re engaging in a conversation with a friend, and you’ve barely even mentioned what you wish for, but suddenly, a few days or weeks later, something that you said actually came true?

At the moment you’ve said it, your vibration was high enough to actually manifest your words. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to manifest something, but it didn’t happen because I was not honest in my manifestations.

I would sit down, try to meditate, or write my manifestations down, and I would think about how much I NEED these manifestations to come to life. Everything runs away from you when you NEED it. Remember when you were chasing a person (in a romantic sense, not like chasing down the street, ha-ha), and they kept getting less and less interested until they eventually ghosted you? Yeah, the same can be applied to manifestations.

When you’re so eager to get them, they’ll run away. When you express an interest, sit down and wait, they’ll eventually come to you.

Positive thinking, scripting or journaling, and a sense of calm within were what got me a miracle. Knowing that everything was going to be okay, specifying my wish, and knowing it would come to life just because I believed in it. I didn’t need it because you do not need something you already have, and that’s the main catch with manifesting.

When it comes to money and success – money attracts money. If you’re living in the sense of always saving up because you feel like you never have enough, you will never have enough. Don’t get me wrong, having savings is a responsible way of living, but again – money attracts money. If you spend your money on something with the assumption that you’ll get or earn that money back - you will.

If you’ve ever watched a show called “Two and a half men,” there was an episode where the main actor, Charlie, was on the verge of bankruptcy, yet he constantly repeated the sentence: “Something will come up” and didn’t really seem that upset about his finances because he acted as if he knew something would come up. And it did. His life rearranged in a way that he got a job that paid him more money than any job before, and he sorted out his finances. Don’t live recklessly, but know that something will always come up.

The most important part of manifesting miracles is being in high vibration and not letting your thoughts or any bad feelings drain you down. My biggest obstacle was that I simply lost any hope in getting better, and that was why my manifestation of being healthy did not appear in my reality. The minute I started raising my vibration, changing my thought pattern, and practicing manifestation techniques, I saw a noticeable change in my overall being.

Your mind is half of your reality, so make sure it’s in great shape because your mind is the one that will bring you miracles. I like to compare manifestations to a weight loss journey. You’re constantly exercising, and you’re eating clean, but you do not see results. Then, 2 months in, you wake up, and suddenly you’ve lost 20 pounds. The same is with manifestations.

You’re thinking about what you want, you’re doing your writing, and you’re working towards manifesting your desires, then 2 months in – you’re living your dream. That, my friends, is how you manifest a miracle. A continuous flow of positive affirmations and living as though you already have what you want is the best way to achieve your goal.

Avatar photo Cam is the editor in chief and an absolute chakra nut. Shes love chakra, mediation and everything that brings joy and balance into her life. Cam is on the way to become a Chakra and Reiki teacher.