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Chakra Guide

7 Chakras Activation Guide

7 Chakras Activation Guide

7 Chakras Opening and Awakening Guide (Chakra Activation Guide)

The 7 chakras can be activated (awakened) through the process of your life by doing things that are meaningful to you. Each chakra is a higher frequency than the last and requires less time to awaken and open that chakra.

This is a process that takes 20-27 years to do.

Some are meant to be awakened as they are sleeping. Some have to be opened, and the third eye chakra must be awakened and opened.

The ones that must be awakened are chakra half steps in chakra nature. Check out our Chakra half step article to learn more.

Opening your chakras is the standard technique, but some chakras must be awakened to progress further. Meditation is a great thing to help open your chakras and awaken them.

Awakening the solar plexus chakra is where some people can get stuck. In the article chakra half step, you will see which chakras are sleeping and need to be awakened. The rest of the chakras need to be opened, which happens naturally.

Use the 7 chakra meditation to easily balance your chakras.

How to Open Root Chakra


What is the root chakra?

The root chakra requires the most time and awakens naturally by going through one’s childhood and being born on Earth.

As you progress to higher chakras, you might need to balance this chakra as it is easy to focus on the higher chakras. You can find how to do this on Root Chakra Balancing and Healing.

The 7 Chakras Meditation is a great way to balance all 7 chakras together.

After spending some time on the root chakra, which focuses on survival, you will naturally go on to your sacral chakra. This chakra is a 100% chance of awakening as long as you have lived your life.

How to Open Sacral Chakra


What is the sacral chakra?

The sacral chakra can be opened by using creativity and getting hope while going through your teenage years as a life process. Creativity is key to opening this chakra. Doing creative things will help you open the sacral chakra, and it will bring you hope. This chakra should open naturally for you as you progress through life and lead you to the solar plexus chakra stage.

You will know when this chakra is opening when your creativity and interests are naturally growing.

Likely, you have already opened this chakra in your early teenage years.

If you find that this chakra has grown unbalanced, you should check out our Sacral Chakra Balancing and Healing article.

How to Open Solar Plexus Chakra


What is the solar plexus chakra?

The solar plexus chakra is one that needs to be awakened to progress further in your spirituality.

This one is associated with power and freedom as to when you go through this chakra, you experience freedom to do what you want, unlike earlier chakras.

Many people fail to awaken the solar plexus chakra as they are not aware that there is more to life to experience. That is not a bad thing as you will find that people must awaken on their own.

For many people, awakening the solar plexus chakra causes a spiritual awakening. If you have had a spiritual awakening or are seeking answers to your spirituality, then you may have awakened the solar plexus chakra.

If you find that this chakra is unbalanced or needs healing, check out my post on solar plexus chakra healing.

How to Open Heart Chakra


What is the heart chakra?

The heart chakra is a chakra that needs to be opened after awakening the solar plexus chakra. Becoming aware that there is more to life than the physical reality you see. This is where you begin to want to learn more about spirituality, and meditation becomes important to progress further and open the heart chakra.

The key here is love. Love to live and appreciate everything, and you will find this opens naturally.

If you find that this chakra is unbalanced or needs healing, check out my post on Heart Chakra Healing.

How to Open Throat Chakra


What is the throat chakra?

The throat chakra is a chakra that needs to be opened to progress further. It is about language and communication. Using good language (saying things in a more powerful or more loving way, you will find out how to do this yourself after seeing the difference that words have, for example, good vs. great, great is a more powerful word) and being an effective communicator will help you open this chakra.

Affirmations are great for opening this chakra. Just listen to I am affirmations on youtube or practice in front of a mirror for great results.

If you find that this chakra is unbalanced or needs healing, check out my post on Throat Chakra Healing.

How to Open Third Eye Chakra


What is the third eye chakra?

This chakra is special in that it needs to be awakened and can also be opened too. I’m sure you have heard of opening your third eye chakra before.

Most people don’t know that you must ascend in your spiritual practices and life in a way that awakens the third eye chakra. What I mean is you must develop yourself thoroughly so that you are ready to go to the crown chakra.

As far as opening the third eye chakra goes, there are many different techniques. Still, my favorite is hz meditation on youtube. I’ve included a video that I use that can help you open your third eye chakra. Focus and use your eyes to open this chakra.

Here is a link to our Third Eye Chakra Healing article. This can be helpful for awakening and opening the third eye chakra.

How to Open Crown Chakra


What is the crown chakra?

The crown chakra represents the infinite and the peak of your growth. Once you make it here, you will know enough to make your own practices and techniques. Meditation and seeking further spiritual development is key for opening this one.

If you find that this chakra is unbalanced or needs healing, check out my post on crown chakra healing.

What to do after going through these 7 chakra stages

There is also a 12 chakra system that is something that I am currently working on. Also, keeping your chakra in balance is something that must be done. You will be aware and awake to your spirituality.

Also, checkout the 7 Chakra Meditation

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