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7 Chakra Meditation

7 Chakra Meditation

This 7 chakra mediation is very simple but very powerful. It is my favorite 7 chakra meditation to do because it is so simple yet effective. It can be very powerful for balancing and healing your entire 7 chakra system.

Easy 7 Chakra Meditation

Do 7 minutes on the Root Chakra, then 6 minutes on the Sacral Chakra, the 5 minutes on the Solar Plexus Chakra, then 4 minutes on the Heart Chakra, then 3 minutes on the Throat Chakra, then 2 minutes on the Third Eye Chakra, and then 1 minute on the Crown Chakra.

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Chakra Healing

Imagine the color of the chakra where the chakra is in your body shining brightly while you listen to this meditation music and you will get great results. If you don’t know where these chakras are located, look up a chakra map to show where you need to focus on for each chakra.

This is an effective mediation for someone who has unbalanced lower chakras because they have been focusing on their higher chakras or wants to balance all 7 of their chakras at once.

It is also effective to just keep your chakras balanced.

Another meditation you can do for the 7 chakras is 2 minutes each. You can customize this for your needs, and do 2 minutes, or 4 minutes, or even just 1 minute per chakra if you are short on time.

Here are the recommended videos for this 7 chakra meditation. Watch these in order from 7 to 6 to 5 to 4 to 3 to 2 to 1 minutes each.

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