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Sleep Meditation

Sleep Meditation

A lot of people nowadays experience trouble sleeping or have difficulty staying asleep. They toss and turn because they’re unable to let go of stress and worry, or because physical discomfort keeps them awake. The effects of this go beyond simple tiredness. When poor sleeping habits become the norm, you can suffer from a constant lack of energy, poor concentration, and even severe health or mental issues such as diabetes, obesity, anxiety, and depression.

Sleep meditation can help you get the rest you need. This technique prepares your mind and body so that you can enter a deep, peaceful sleep that will leave you feeling truly well-rested.

What Is Sleep Meditation?

When you meditate, you calm your mind and relax your body. Sleep meditation is a version of this practice that uses its effects to help you get a good night’s rest. It will keep your mind from wandering when you try to fall asleep, and helps you get rid of physical tension that prevents you from getting comfortable in bed.

Sleep meditation is possibly the best sleep aid around as it only requires patience and focus on your part. You won’t need to pay for medication or risk becoming overly dependent on supplements.

How Do You Perform Sleep Meditation?

Performing sleep meditation is incredibly easy. The only challenge you’ll face will be maintaining your focus as you go through the technique. Playing a guided meditation during bedtime can help you concentrate on the following steps when you’re just starting out:

Focus on your breathing.

Start by focusing on your breathing. Lie on your back and place your hands on your tummy, concentrating on the rise and fall of your abdomen as you breathe. Remember to take slow, deep breaths to promote relaxation.

Visualize dreamlike imagery.

The next step is to visualize calming, dreamlike imagery. Picture a scene or a place that makes you feel comfortable, happy, and safe.

This can be anything you like, from a soothing tropical beachscape to a warm, sunlit room. Holding such images in your mind will elicit positive, peaceful feelings in you.

Practice progressive muscle relaxation.

Lastly, you need to erase all the tension from your body. You will do this by first consciously tensing your body and then relaxing it completely. Focus on one body part at a time, starting with your feet and moving up to your head. This will even relax areas that you don’t normally think about, such as your back and shoulders.

Here is a great chakra sleep meditation music product on amazon that will help you with sleep meditation. Check it out! Also, down below I have my very own chakra sleep meditation that I use to go through my chakras that puts me right to sleep and helps me balance my chakra energy systems when I am going to sleep.

Binaural beats are also recommended for sleep meditation because they are very powerful. If you are okay with wearing headphones to bed (they require headphones), then I would recommend you check out binaural beats because they are highly effective. They can help you achieve Deep Meditation, Astral Projection, Super Brain Power, Perfect Sleep, and Lucid Dreaming. Here is my recommendation for binaural beats.

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7 Chakra Sleep Meditation

Go through your chakras one by one, from root to crown.

This is a chakra code secret for sleep meditation. You can go through your chakras by focusing on their aspects, starting from root chakra to crown chakra. You don’t have to spend long on it, but this sleep meditation is supposed to represent the phase of falling asleep and dreaming and waking up the next day.

Start by focusing on the root chakra, and focus on “Harmony”. Find yourself in harmony with your inner and outer worlds.

When you find you have found harmony, move to the sacral chakra and focus on “Hope”. Have hope for your future and think about things that give you hope.

When you are ready to move on, move to the solar plexus chakra and focus on “Freedom”. You will find that you have freedom to relax and will feel a release from your stress.

Once that happens, its time to move to the upper chakras.

When you are ready to move to the heart chakra, the aspect to focus on is “Mercy”. Think about having mercy for your fellow human beings and feel forgiveness or love for them. You don’t have to do this for very long for it to be effective.

When you are ready to move on, it is time to move to the throat chakra. The aspect to focus on for this one is “Chastity”. By now, you are probably starting to get sleepy so just be still and enjoy where you are sleeping. Focus on going to sleep because the next chakra is associated with dreams and you might either fall asleep or be relaxed.

When you are ready to move on, the third eye chakra is next, and this one is associated with dreams. Just feel the chakra if you are not asleep yet and you will be further in this sleep meditation.

The crown chakra is last and in my opinion represents waking up and having more energy, and can represent your waking the next morning. This is where you should go to sleep and you will have completed this brief sleep meditation.

For more info on how these chakras work together, check out the 7 chakra code secrets guide.

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