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Secrets of The 7 Chakras

Secrets of The 7 Chakras

Here is a brief overview on each chakra. Keep reading to learn more about what the chakra code secret is for the 7 chakras. Check out each of the articles below to find out new information about the 7 chakras.

What are the 7 chakras?

In order from 1st through 7th;

Root Chakra

Sacral Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

Heart Chakra

Throat Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

Crown Chakra

These links give info on the 7 chakras and also give info on how long each chakra stage should take to master.

What is the Chakra Code Secret?

The chakra code [secret] is that chakra is a metaphor for the STAGES OF LIFE and EVERYTHING is a part of the 7 chakras and life itself. EVERYTHING you do matters, in a good way. Each chakra is something about life that you must learn and you will see the [secret] of chakra. LOVING TO LIVE is how you can master these chakras, which is the chakra code [secret]. Love living and you will ALWAYS succeed. You want will get what you want if you want it.

Chakra Code Secrets of Revealing Your True Self

Revealing your TRUE SELF through life is another chakra code [secret]. Each chakra has a code that reveals your TRUE SELF. Life is beautiful, make sure to enjoy it and you will see that there is more good in you ALWAYS. Love to live and you will have what you want, if it is right for you. YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU WANT AND WHAT YOU WANTED WHEN YOU ARE YOU.

You will learn what is true for you and find that things that are not true for you will leave you. You will have yourself always and this is what matters when you are living. It is most important to love yourself and to become your true self.

This is my interpretation of chakra based on my experiences and it has led me to achieve my goals.

Chakra Code Secrets of Ascension

Ascension is the way of chakra. Each chakra has more challenges to offer and there is more that has been learned along the way that must be utilized. This is living to your FULL POTENTIAL. There is ALWAYS potential for growth inside of you. Find what is true to you is a chakra code [secret] and make sure it is a good thing for you. Good things bring good things.

Secrets of Chakra

Here are some secrets on the 7 chakra.

  • Everything is predetermined.
  • Therefore, you may have a shorter or longer path through your stages of life, or chakra.
  • Once you have mastered a chakra, the aspects of that chakra come into play in learning your next stage of life. Some aspects may become diminished because of a new way of living.
  • Mastering a chakra is done by living and learning. You can do more and learn more by becoming natural with your life and learning what your true self is.
  • Only you will know what is true for you.
  • There are things that are true, and things that are not true.
  • Find what is true to you to help reveal your true nature and self.

There are also chakra half steps that have to be overcome and they can be different than you might expect. Essentially, they allow you to go to higher chakra and enter into a “new world”. This is where a new aspect of life becomes a part of your life and spirituality.

Avatar photo Cam is the editor in chief and an absolute chakra nut. Shes love chakra, mediation and everything that brings joy and balance into her life. Cam is on the way to become a Chakra and Reiki teacher.